What in the world is a Yarn Bowl?

If you are not a “yarn worker” (I am trying to be politically correct here!) you will probably look at these interesting bowls with a cut out swoop and wonder what the heck it is!

I get that all the time at shows. People walk up and look at my array of Yarn Bowls with a puzzled look and ask “What is it?

Until they see the Yarn Bowl sign and see the Balls of Yarn I put in them, I generally reply with… “They are portion control bowls”.


That usually breaks the ice, gets them laughing and then we can talk about them.

One gentleman suggested the Yarn Bowls would make great bowls for spaghetti sucking kids.
I liked that one!

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I am not much of a Yarn Worker myself. Although I do know how to knit and crochet (at least a few stitches) it takes way too much concentration and my stuff just doesn’t come out all that good. So I leave it to you professionals.

But one thing I did learn was that I could not work directly from a Skein and I had to roll it into a ball.

Yarn Bowls only work with Yarn Balls​

Here is what Yarn Bowls are all about:

  • Their ball of beautiful Yarn sits in the bowl and feeds tangle-free through the swoop.
  • The swoop is kept open so the Yarn Lover can change out projects
  • It looks a lot prettier than what most people store their yarn in
  • Cats and dogs are less likely (but not guaranteed) to run away with their yarn
  • Yarn stays put rather than escaping and rolling away under a dusty couch
Yarn ball Bowls aren’t generally found in most department stores so if you are thinking of giving one as a gift, its a gift that will be appreciated, unique, thoughtful and you will be thought of often.
I usually have Yarn Bowls in Stock so check my shop often


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