We all have them…. a favorite Coffee Mug or Tea Mug, the one you take out of the dirty dishwasher and hand wash just so you can use it. Maybe its the coffee stained one at the office, or the chipped one you bought years ago on vacation. Before I was a potter, and when we were doing a lot of “glamping” (we had a 40 ft Motorhome” I collected coffee mugs from all the various places we traveled too. Truth be told I still have a store bought mug in our current travel trailer I picked up in Arizona somewhere!

My Favorite Coffee Mug

My Favorite Coffee Mug

Making mugs seems to be a favorite with functional potters like myself. In watching other potters, and looking at other coffee mugs, there are so many different shapes and sizes for mugs and mug handles.

Mug bodies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, big, small, wide bottom, wide at the lip.

Handles are also diversified. Some make these tiny little stubs of handles, some make big loopy things. Some handles stick out really far and some are really close to the body. Some handles are square, some are round. Some have curly cues, are braided, or have thumb rests.

The options are many.

For me personally, I want a mug that feels strong, that I can wrap at least three fingers in the handle, and the handle is not too far away from the mug body so it feels balanced. I want my thumb to feel comfy. I also want a mug that will hold a lot of coffee, feel good on my lips and can withstand my dishwasher and my microwave.

In my kitchen, almost all the mugs we use are made by me. To date, by far my “favorite” mug is the one pictured above. I love how it feels in my hand and how I can almost embrace it. Because I use raised clay slip in the design I can “feel” the mug and trace my fingers around the pedals and leaves. I love staring at the art and see all the different colors as the glaze melted and combined together.

Call it research, but I would love to hear about your favorite mug, and why? What do you look for when selecting a mug? What type of handle do you love (or hate)? What size do you like?

Tell me all about it in the comment section below!! I really want to know!


  1. Loretta Smith

    My favorite mug is the red one you made!! I love it! But I also love the bright sunshine that I feel when I use the yellow one, and the majestic feeling I get from the purple one! I love them all!

    • Dani Montoya

      I love that you love the mugs. And you have no choice but to think of me everyday! Lol. Love you!

  2. Heather

    I am new to drinking coffee. I am 34 years old and I’d be in drinking coffee in 2018. I only have a small collection of coffee mugs at home at the moment. For now my favorite one is one that has a phrase, “ideas start with great coffee”. I actually bought it at Dollar tree! it has an embossed fuel to it so when my fingers rub against the letters you can feel the indentation. I also have another favorite one. It to has an embossed lettering on it and it says “sweater weather”. They both are black and white.

    I love that you make your own mugs!!

  3. Kelly Hoye

    Great whimsical, entertaining article!!! I have been a mug collector for a long time. I drink tea tho. I wish I could create them like you do. I have a group of favorites in my cabinet. I try to grab a new one as I find them in our tumbleweed travels, but of course, when I find one, my husband will always say, “don’t you have enough of those?”. Ah, NO! 🤣

  4. cruisinnicole

    I love mugs and I collect them in each of the ports we visit! Handmade mugs are the best though!


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