And so it begins. USPS announces a rate Increase during the Holidays.

Starting on Oct 3, the cost of shipping packages is (temporarily) increasing.

The United States Postal Service is anticipating a huge shipping season so they have proposed a “temporary” rate increase in shipping costs for “commercial and retail domestic competitive parcels – Priority Mail Express (PME), Priority Mail (PM), First-Class Package Service (FCPS), Parcel Select, USPS Retail Ground, and Parcel Return Service. Read their announcement here.

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If you remember last year, the Post Office was pretty messed up. Packages were taking forever and getting hung up at distribution centers. Packages I shipped from Oklahoma early December barely made it in time for Christmas. In fact, i watched several packages hit Tulsa OK (one day after leaving our post office) and sit there for two weeks before moving on and then get stuck in another distribution center.

I get it, I really do…..

We have become a nation of on-line shoppers and it has opened a whole world of super cool stuff. It has put a strain big time on the Postal Service and I appreciate the work they do. I don’t even blame them for raising their prices either if it helps them get the man power they need to get us our packages in a timely manner.

Last year things got messed up pretty bad due to Covid and unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be much different this year. Hopefully they can fix whatever went bad last year with this temporary increase.

We are blessed indeed to have the postal service. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be able to sell my pottery to you.


A quick word about FREE SHIPPING BECAUSE i have to say this. FREE SHIPPING ISNT FREE.

I tried, for two months, the Free Shipping option that Etsy wants us to do. They suggested raising the price of my product by adding in the shipping charge. They said I would get better search priority. That never happened and I was pretty sure I wasnt fooling anyone so I am not going to play the Etsy Free shipping game.

My shipping fee is $9.95 for the first item and an additional charge of $3.00 per additional item. THATS NOT CHANGING.

I package really well and rarely lose an item due to breakage. Everyone of my packages is hand delivered to our Post Office so they are scanned and put into the tracking system for you (and I) to follow.


I needed to order more boxes and newsprint for shipping. Normally I bought all my boxes thru Uline and have for years. Newsprint Rolls I would buy through Amazon because it is heavy and it would ship free through Prime.

The roll of newsprint was in my Amazon Shopping cart and I searched and found the size boxes I needed and put it into my cart as well. Shipping was free.

Just for fun I popped over to Uline and put the boxes and the shipping paper in my cart there. Because they are heavy the shipping charge (UPS) was terribly high. But you know what? The cost of my entire Uline order, with a huge shipping charge, was cheaper. Not by a lot but still cheaper. Plus I knew that they would get it out the same day and I would have it tomorrow.

Many online sellers add the shipping charges to their product so always check to make sure that you aren’t paying more  just because it says Free Shipping. With the USPS Rate Increase I would expect to see prices increase on Items that ship for free to compensate for it. 

When you visit my ETSY shop you can be assured that EVERYTHING in my shop is READY TO SHIP. I ship within 48 hours. The USPS Rate Increase does not affect your orders from me. My shipping will stay the same during the holidays. Visit it today and start your Holiday Shopping Early.



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