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A few weeks ago I had a wonderful gal come into the studio to take my “Try it” class. She had done some pottery on the wheel in the past and really wanted to make a fruit bowl. She was a delight to work with because she really took her time to listen with her ears as well as listen with her fingers. She got centering down right away and in just 2 short hours she was able to make herself a big fruit bowl.

While she was working on hers, i was sitting next to her on my other wheel making one too.

Normally my bowls are tall and deep but the bowls we were making this day were shallow and wide.


I used my white stoneware porcelain for my bowl so I could “art it up” . For some strange reason I just decided to go wild with this bowl. It ended up looking like a party scene.

First I swiped some blue across the whole thing, inside and out. Then I swiped a stripe of yellow.

Oh where to go from here.

Ok…some Orange might work.

Now what? How about some dots, lines, swirls and squiggles.

And lets not forget confetti so I splattered everything!

After it was all done my hands were a colorful mess, my work table was splattered in colors and I was quite delighted at how it looked.

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