Tiny Flower Trinket Dishes
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I love tiny things  and these tiny Flower Trinket Dishes have stolen my heart ❤️

This year I started to make these tiny, colorful trinket dishes and they have caused quite the stir!
At 3” they take up very little room but they come in handy for so many things like:
  • Tea Light Holder
  • Ring dish
  • Spoon rest
  • Trinket bowl
  • Catchall
  • Decorative soap dish
  • Paper clip holder
Or whatever else you just need a tiny container for.

They are loaded with colors and just shine on their own! If you need a small something to give as a gift, these sweet little Trinket dishes would fit the bill.

Each one is made using Stoneware Porcelain clay and hand-painted in whatever two colors I fancy!!  You never know what may come out of the kiln. It’s an endless combination of colors!

They are Clear Glazed and Kiln Fired so they will last forever (unless you drop it on a hard surface and then it would probably break!)

So tell me… what would you use it for?


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