I love this building that is now my studio.

This space is so very perfect for me and what I do its like a miracle that I found it and was able to afford it. Within the walls of this old building, I have a large space for my pottery, a small lovely space for my finished work which I call my Gallery. There is a small room right in the middle of everything that is designated for my Reiki Practice. And there is a rather decent sized room, with concrete floors and walls that make a great kiln/glaze room.

For the last two years this has definitely been my happy place.

When we bought the building it was in dire straights, having been abused and ignored for so many years.  The roof leaked, the AC did not work, the plumbing was a mess and the room in the back, my glaze and kiln room, flooded every time we had a huge Oklahoma rain storm.

The roof and the AC were fixed immediately. The plumbing was handled every year, in the dead of winter when the pipes would freeze and burst. But the glaze room….. oh my….. the glaze room….. was my bane.

I hated the room. It was dirty, moldy with stained ceilings and peeling floors. Glazing became a “dreaded thing”, a “get it and just get it done” thing. The room felt bad and it always hurt my back.

Then my new kiln arrived and I wanted to do more glaze experiments and tried spending more time in that room.

And I still hated it.

So the time is right, right now, to get it fixed up and cleaned up and more of a pleasant place to hang out.

Hubby Ben and  I tried to get inspired to do the work ourselves. Ben built me a lovely countertop and we installed a sink.  Then he built me a table to put my spray booth on and vent it out so that over-spray didn’t get on everything.

That helped but not enough so I started to paint the ceiling. If any of you have ever painted a ceiling, especially one with that popcorn stuff you know it can be quite challenging.  I used Kilz Paint so that all the yellow and stain would disappear. It was during the ceiling painting episode that we decided….

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Yeap, we were done with doing it ourselves. Finito. No more.

The first thing that needed to be fixed was a rotten corner where water had been settling forever.  This wall is a concrete fire wall between my place and the place next door which should be condemned it is so out of repair. Tearing out the nasty dry wall we found an abandoned Mouse House and Termite Cafe. I know the mouse house had been recently used but one of my cats took care of that occupant.  The termite cafe was no longer being used and that also, was a good thing.  After replacing the bad wood and the bad sheet rock we are back in business.


Finally some decent flooring

Next on the list was to replace the vinyl flooring in the bathroom and kitchenette. I had pulled the torn up flooring out of these rooms awhile ago.  They pulled the toilet out and put it into the kitchenette where it looked right at home! The flooring is a decent vinyl that looks like small tiles. I love this kind of flooring because everyday dirt doesn’t show as badly.  Plus the ceramic tile look is perfect in a pottery studio, don’t you think?

Let the Painting Begin

Since this whole thing started with me not wanting to paint the ceiling, I did indeed hire a friend to come and paint the studio. Naturally I had him start with the ceiling! I picked out a lovely light blue for the front half of the room, where I would be spending most of my time. Its a lovely space with big windows. He and I knocked that side out in one day!!

The other side, which I refer to as the Kiln side, houses all the ware, all the chemicals and the two kilns. Since we see so little of the walls I stuck with a plain old white for the walls. I painted the walls and he painted the ceilings. Seriously, painting ceilings brings a whole new feel to a room!!!

So here you have it. Its not quite done. As you can see I still need to paint the counter and there is one door left. But its at a place where I can HAPPILY Glaze again!!

What do you think?  Leave me a comment please. I love hearing from you.


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