Max and Emily in the Gallery

Well you left the door open and look, we are behaving!

Studio Cats bring fun, frolic and love into the pottery studio.

There have always been cats at my studio, from the moment I purchased the building 3 years ago. Feral Cats had taken residence in the attached POS, run down, needs to be torn down, building next time mine. Huge gaps in the wood for what used to be a second story gave shelter to a colony of kitties.  As a die-hard cat person, I was drawn to these furry felines and tried to take care of them with warm shelter, food, and water. They repaid me by having more kittens!! The neighboring bank did not appreciate these new residents and started gathering them up and taking them elsewhere. I asked once where they were taking them and they just said “somewhere”.
One of these kittens found her way into my studio.

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Meet Emily – the first of my Studio Cats.

Emily - the first of my studio cats

Meet Studio Cat Emily

Although she was leery of me, being feral and all, she eventually warmed up to hugs, kisses and cuddles. And after one litter of unexpected kittens from the one time she got out, she got spayed!!


Along comes Max


Then one day, when I got home from the studio, this sweet orange cat came meowing up to me. It had its ear freshly tipped which told me it was picked up and neutered under one of the towns neutering program for feral cats. But this kitty was anything but feral. It loved people. It wanted to be around people and it wasn’t afraid of me like a feral would have.


Having three dogs at home, when this cat starting howling outside my front door, I knew it was lost and needed adopting but I couldn’t keep it at home so I brought it to the studio. Emily wasn’t too happy that first night but by the next day she became curious and within a week, accepting of this new resident.


I named this cat Max.  I now call him “Max the Monster’ because he is a ball of unfiltered energy.

Max the studio cat

Say Hello To Max

Hi there… wanna come play with me

Both Emily and Max are now a source of life and love in the studio. I can always count on them being happy to see me when I pull up in the morning, most times they are watching for me.

Studio Cats Emily and Max watching out the window

Yeah,,,, She is here, Breakfast time

We share lunchtime together which drives me nuts. I tell them often I don’t hoard in on their morning munchies, so leave my lunch alone.


The gallery is OFF LIMITS but if I should just happen to leave the door open, even just a crack, its fair game. So far we have only broken one thing.


As my designated Studio Cats they have some jobs to do. They are tasked with keeping the studio free of mice and giant bugs. But when they are not hunting down critters they do some really quirky things in the studio.  They spill my water buckets and they drink the clay water. I caught Max licking my bisqueware. Emily steals my sponges. Often when they are kitty romping in the studio at night they will jump on the foot pedal to my pottery wheel and start it spinning. And I rarely can sit at my desk without them sitting with me, on the keyboard of course.


But I wouldn’t have it any other way!!


I post a lot of photos of Emily and Max on my Instagram page and Facebook page so if you want to see more follow me there!!

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  1. Don Williams

    Love your kitties!!!


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