In just a few more hours I will be heading to my last show of the year.

I am not a big fan of doing shows because they are so much work. I am pretty much on my own since hubby is not a fan of helping me. This year, however, I really have looked forward to them.

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Seeing all the people, hearing Christmas Music, smelling Cinnamon and clove, green and red color everywhere and a slight nip in the air really helps put me into the Holiday Spirit.

For this show, I was given an 8 ft table which really helps during setup. You can read more about my show setup and suggestions for a successful show here. 

I don’t mind lugging in all my pottery. I pack it into wooden crates that I use for my displays. But the folding 5 ft tables I have are not all that easy for a 5’3” person to transport. I either need to be 5” taller or my arms need to be 5” shorter but now I have to bend my arm just enough to not drag the tables and they are heavy. I sure do get a workout.

For my display, I really love these wooden crates. Not only do they give height to my table and make it more interesting but they are perfect for transporting my pieces to the show. They have cutout handles for easy carrying, they stack nicely on top of each other, I can’t overload them so they aren’t that heavy and they are protective of my pieces.

I always use Risers to raise my tables up to a more comfortable level. You can get bed leg risers. The risers I use are similar to these.

It’s not just a mug but a handheld piece of art

I think I need to make that my new motto!

One thing that I did at my last show that worked well was to play a video of me working on one of my Sgrafitto pieces.

I found that this really helped people understand the work involved in my artful pieces and that “it’s not just a mug but a handheld piece of art”.  That their mug or bowl was unique and special.

Once people could actually see the techniques and skills involved in the making of my artful pieces they more fully understood why I charge more for them. And that made them appreciate them more and want one.

So here’s to everyone’s successful shows. If you have any questions about shows please drop a comment! I will be glad to help

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My name is Dani and I am the potter behind this page! I am retired and having a ball being the artist I always wanted to be. My studio is located in NW Arkansas where I live a quiet life, on a lake with my husband, 3 dogs and two cats.

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These aren't the kind I use, I got mine at Michaels, but aren't they cute!!  I personally use three sizes to set up my display just because I like the height differences!
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Clean up the pottery greenware with this handheld rasp
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I bought this so that I could record video while I am making stuff. It works great.  The arm attaches to the table with a thumb screw. The part that holds your phone is spring loaded and almost too strong of a spring. I pinch my fingers a lot but I know the phone won't fall out into my clay water!!
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Nikon D3500

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A few years back I decided to up my online game by taking better photos. At the time Nikon offered the D3400. I never regretted that purchase. It's a lower-end Nikon but has some great features. One of my favorite features is that the camera connects via Bluetooth to my phone which I have set up to automatically upload to Google Photos so they are easy to download to my PC or adjust on my phone and upload to Etsy.
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