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Ready, Set… FIRE

Ready To Fire

Most of my work is glazed in a clear coat which goes on Opaque like this photo. Once fired, these pieces will be alive with color!!!

Making Stuff

I love making all kinds of fun yet functional things.  Like these coffee mugs waiting for their handles.  Pretty soon they will be festooned with flowers, butterflies, and anything else I think would be fun

Every day is an adventure in my studio so my pottery gallery will be ever changing

As an artist I have always thought I needed to have a Signature Look, a very specific style, that when you saw it you would say “Oh… that is a Dani Montoya”.

So I started to look for me “signature look”

Once I found my footing with the making of pots I delved into establishing the look, the color, the art of my pottery. It had to be fun, it had to be colorful and it had to be me.

So I started to explore adding in color and movement.  I found that just glazing a piece was easy but it did not fulfill the artistic side of me. I began experimenting with underglazes which allowed me more control over the artwork.  I played with using these wonderful glazes like a watercolor,  using soft washes of color as well as slip trailing for emphasis.  The world opened up for me artistically and I am excited to see where I go from here.

These are a sampling of my pottery art. To see available items visit my Etsy Store

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  1. Loretta Smith

    Your functional pottery blesses my everyday life with beauty. Each day should be special and cherished. Each day as I use your beautiful pottery I am reminded of this!


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