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7 ways to safeguard your packages from Porch Pirates

7 ways to safeguard your packages from Porch Pirates

We have become a society of on-line shopping fanatics. Don't let Porch Pirates ruin it. Holiday's are stressful enough without Porch Pirates stealing you shipments With the holiday season quickly approaching USPS, UPS, FEDEX and other shipping companies will be busy...

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Packing it up – Shipping Pottery

Packing it up – Shipping Pottery

I have to giggle to myself because when I was thinking about writing this post I came up with the title "packing it up" and then thought Oh no, you might think I was giving up pottery”. Don’t worry, I am not giving up pottery. What I do want to talk about is shipping...

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Life has a potter has its moments. Its not always Zen-like nor has Patrick Swayze ever showed up to help. Here I share thoughts, ideas, successes and failures and I make my way through the year of “FINDING MY VOICE”

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