“Walk away and come back to it later”

This is something I tell people all the time.  I learned in the past that whenever you have any kind of block, the best thing to do is walk away, give it a rest, take a nap, find something else to fill your brain up with!

And it works.

When we are creating something we eventually become in a bubble. We see in our heads what it is we want to accomplish but for some reason we just can not make it happen.  That one twist of wire, that one stroke of a brush, that one sentence, just eludes us. So we get frustrated and upset and the thing that gives us the most joy… Stops being fun.

Do you know the feeling?  I experienced that very thing just this past weekend.

It was a dreary, rainy Oklahoma day and a perfect day to do some wire weaving pendant making.  My jewelry making supplies are always at the house so that I have a creative outlet for just these times.  I picked a beautiful piece of Amazonite, a lovely shade of green with specks of white. It was not a cabochon, which is a stone that has been cut into a shape and flat on the back. This stone was a tumbled stone, with no specific shape, so I knew going into it that it would be difficult. But I had all day to work on it and bluegrass playing in the background so I was all set for the challenge.

Wire Weaving

Here I am just starting the Weave

I had an idea in mind to create the cage (the part that wraps around the stone) half in a 4 strand weave and then branch off into two – 2 strand weaves that would wrap the stone, securing it into place. Well, I made everything but when I tried to secure the stone in everything got all crazy. The stone kept jumping out of my hand, the wire wouldn’t bend the way I wanted it too,  it wasn’t securing the stone the way I hoped etc etc etc.  Remember the cartoon where the steam comes out of the characters head? Well, that is how I felt!

To top it all off, my husband’s computer decided to stop playing nicely and he lost the drivers for his internet connection and sound. Without going into detail about THAT, suffice it to say that I could not fix it so we basically had to reset his computer and reload everything.

By 1:00 pm I was distracted and frustrated and not having a good time! In frustration, I threw done the piece of was working on, stated to who ever would listen (mostly just the dogs) that I was done with this piece and I started something a bit more simple.

Fast forward to Monday Night.  As I was sitting there bored watching TV I thought that I might just play around with that piece I gave up on.

And you know what happened? Everything went into place just the way I envisioned it!!!  The wire responded to my bending, the piece took shape exactly how I wanted it too and I was able to finish it off.  The finished product came out beautifully.

This is just a reminder that we can be our own worse critics and sometimes we just have to step away.

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