Today is my last day in my studio for three weeks!

i am going on a vacation.

I am going on an adventure.

I am going to a Reiki Retreat, then I am driving to Southern California to visit family and friends. Then it’s onward to Central California to attend the wedding of my dear Nephew, Cory.

All in all I will be gone 20 days, one day short of three weeks! Holy moly!

And I am so looking forward to it.

Much as I love my studio,  my little house on the pond, my dogs and my husband this trip is some “me” time. It’s play time for Dani.

The Reiki Retreat is being held in Sedona, AZ.

Reiki is one of my healing gifts. If you don’t know what Reiki is, it’s a form of energy healing, which heals physically, emotionally and spiritually. I received my Reiki Master Placement in Sedona last May and have taught Reiki and given Reiki. I rarely receive Reiki though, so I am looking forward to being submerged in the energy. I have a website devoted to my Reiki practice so if you are interested in learning more you can visit it.

While in Sedona I will also gorge myself in the many crystal shops there. I love crystals!

After the retreat I will be renting a car to drive into Southern California for some visiting and then driving to Central California for the wedding. I fly back home on September 19.

The only part that scares me is driving through LA. It used to be a breeze, having lived in the area for over 30 years, but I am used to small town Oklahoma traffic now.

During this time my Amazon store will be shut down. My personal web store will probably remain open but nothing will ship til I get back. And my studio doors will be locked.

Don’t forget about me! I won’t forget about you!

Can we stay in touch?

I would love the opportunity to send you something in your email telling about new products, fun studio things, and upcoming shows.  Please allow me to come visit with you once or twice a month.

Wonderful. You are subscribed!! I will be in touch. Thank you

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