Twisted by Dani

Torch Fired Enamel and Wire weaved Jewelry. Because everyone deserves something pretty

Torch Fired Enamel

Torch Fired Enamel in Vibrant and Beautiful Colors

Everything is handcrafted

Copper, Silver and Silver Plate wires are delicated weaved to create a frame for the focal piece.

Intricate Weaves

Looking through a magnifying glass you can see the intricate wire weaved pattern

Beautful and unique jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry that I make is unique in its own way, using various materials and techniques.

Many years ago I fell in love with crystals and stones and their healing properties.  It was only natural that at some point I wanted to wear them as jewelry instead of just hiding them in my pocket. That is when I discovered wire wrapping and weaving.

My first pieces were very basic, made with hobby craft wire. Later on, as people began to ask me to make their special crystal into a necklace, I discovered high quality wire and new more exciting techniques and weaves.

When Covid hit, it became harder to find beautiful and affordable crystals to wrap and weave. It was then that I decided it was time to devote more energy to making my own focal pieces using Enamels and a torch.

This is where I am today.!  Enjoy

Here are some of my past pieces. To see what I currently have  visit my Shop


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5 Star Review Etsy

Beautifully crafted, well packaged, and arrived on time. And it’s exactly the color I was hoping for! 10/10!


Chelsea via Etsy

5 Star Review Etsy
Beautiful mug with exceptional hand-carved design. It shipped the same day. I love this artist’s pottery and now have a collection of her work.


Vicky via Etsy

5 Star Review Etsy
This is the second set of snack sets I have ordered from Yellow Cottage. This set is just a hair smaller so both the plate and cup nest in the other one perfectly! I use these all the time! Perfect for single people. I will have a chicken breast, and potato salad on the plate and melon in the cup. Or a HOST of other ways to use it. Sometimes just a sandwich (or salad) and cup of grapes; or sandwich and soup. I LOVE these things!

Jil via Etsy

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