Last week Etsy announced to sellers that they would begin a new program on September 1, the Star Seller Program.

Customer service is an important part of a marketplace like Etsy which is comprised of millions of people selling their goods.  When Etsy started it was a wonderful place for artisans, crafters, makers, creatives, and vintage lovers, to sell their products. It has been a blessing to me all these years.

It was a wonderful and friendly platform that filled a big need in the creative community

It was a wonderful and friendly platform that filled a big need in the creative community.

Then it got a new CEO, went public and lots of things changed. The seller, the backbone of their company, was no longer important. Making money and pleasing investors became more important.

They rolled out many changes, the latest being the Star Seller Program

The Star Seller Program

When I first learned about the Star Seller Program I thought it was a great idea!! It was all about serving the customer and serving them well. My philosophy is “Lots of people can sell pottery like mine, Customer service will set me apart”

“Lots of people can sell pottery like mine, Customer service will set me apart”

They would be rating us on Shipping when we say we will ship, answering you when you message us, and the reviews you leave us. Their star seller target is 95% in each  of those categories.

Great, I thought!! I ship really quickly, I answer all my messages right away and I have 138 reviews with the average being 5 Star!

I will NAIL this.

Except I didn’t….. WHAT?

What the heck happened? Let’s have a look

Etsy Star Seller rating
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Etsy Star Seller Rating
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I was perfect for shipping and message response but my Review was at 88%. When I dove farther into that I found that Etsy is looking at the past 3 months.

In that time I received 8 reviews…Seven of them were 5-Star and one was a 4-Star. Personally, I don’t think a 4-Star Review is a bad review because after all, no one is perfect!!

But when I did the math, I had seven 5-star reviews out of eight reviews. 7 divided by 8 is 88%. Yeap, that one 4-Star review knocked me right out of the ballpark. In the next week, I received 2 more 5-star reviews. This brought me up to 90%.

In Etsy’s Star Sellers Eyes, a 4-star review is given the same weight as a 1-star review.

Working backward; because of that one 4-star review I will need a total of 21 reviews over the course of three months to earn the Star Seller badge. I have three more weeks to get 11 more reviews. Since Esty’s rates you for the previous 3 months and that 4-star review came in July, It won’t fall off until November!!  

It’s not going to happen because this is a slow time for me and people don’t always leave reviews.

I could let this discourage me but I won’t because I KNOW I AM A STAR SELLER even if Etsy doesn’t!!

But if you are reading this and you have purchased something from any seller on Etsy in the last few months, go give them a review.

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