I am a doodle lover. Not on paper though, I rarely do that but I have been known to doodle carve on my gourds so when I saw sgrafitto pottery I knew I found a new passion.

It’s a neat process…but it can be a little messy as well.

First you let the piece sit overnight to dry out a bit, where you can touch it without fingerprints. Then apply an underglaze. Once the glaze is dry to the touch get out something to carve with. I use dental tools. Now doodle away!

I never know how exactly it will turn out. It’s always a surprise! I also like bright colors and I started playing around with other colors besides black on the outside. Not all underglazes will work at the higher temperature but a handful did!

I have some vases made this way waiting for firing! I am excited to see how they turn out

UPDATE: I love some of the other colors I started working with but for some reason my clear coat is messing up. Back to the drawing board and glaze testing! Never a dull moment in the potters studio!

Pottery coffee mug
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Coffee mug stoneware
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