Every day is an experiment!

Every day is an experiment!

Now that I have given myself permission to put up the pottery wheel for a while, it has opened up a whole slew of other creative opportunities.  Every day now is a creative experiment where I try my hands at a new medium or a new technique. Boy, am I having fun.

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My glazing table has been cleared and rearranged to be a painting table. I pulled out all my paints, from acrylics to watercolors. I bought some new sketch pads, a few new colors and even a few new brushes.

I have always wanted to paint but never had the confidence needed to express myself on canvas. At one time, my tendencies would tell me that my work had to be close to photo perfect. Funny thing though… the paintings that drew me in more were abstract, colorful and bold. I realized that I adored abstract so I decided that was the path I would walk.

I bought myself this sweet watercolor Journal that is perfect for experimenting. Its the one pictured below on the left.

Lots of experimenting happening in the art studio

Because everything is an experiment, I cut watercolor paper into quarters to give me smaller canvases. This eliminated the need to make a perfect, gotta hang it on the wall, painting. As you can see, I played with colors, texture, ink. I let my paintbrush go, made marks and saw what happened. Sometimes it was very cool and sometimes it was pretty awful but who cares. I am playing.


Way back in the 70’s Macrame was really popular. I was in high school then and a creative teen. I, like so many others, spent hours tying knots to make into belts, purses, wall hangings and planter hangers. It was so cool and very hippy (now referred to as  Bohemian).  It took 30+ years but like everything super cool, it has made a resurgence.

Of course, I had forgotten every single knot, but I loved the idea of going back into time and make something that made me happy when I was a teen.

The cord I am using in this photo is a 4mm  Twisted Cotton. It works up beautifully and they have a slew of tutorials on their website.

Learning to Macrame

I just started this wall hanging from a tutorial when I ran out of cord.


My most favorite medium however is enameling. This is truly “me”. I get to play with color, copper and fire. What’s not to love!!

Enameled Copper disk

Here are the experimental discs from the last few weeks. I was playing with Crackle enamels

I have sample sizes of all the Thompson Enamels, Opaques and Transparent, so the sky is the limit with experimenting with color.  Even though I don’t have an enamel kiln I have several torches for melting the enamel powder into glass. Watching this happen is my favorite part of the process.

Now that I have been doing it awhile I have gone from just getting the enamel to stick to the copper, to experimenting with Cloisonne!  In fact, I am anxiously awaiting my first order of Sterling Silver Cloisonne wire.

In the meantime, I have been playing with the silver wire I use in my wire weaving.

Here is my VERY FIRST CLOISONNE PIECE!!  Years from now I hope I can look back on this post and roll my eyes at the amateur look of these earrings but for now I am thrilled!

Cloisonne Earrings

My very first pair of Cloisonne earrings. I will keep them for myself so years from now I can look at them and giggle!

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Macrame Cord

LET BE Macrame Cord 4mm x 110Yards, Easy Tutorial Videos, Premium Twisted Cotton Blend Cord Natural Color for Wall Decor, Wall Hanging Plant and Home Decor (4mm x 100m)
This is a very nice macrame cord and the one I am using currently. It has a lovely soft feel to it yet it works up well. Its neutral in Color with a slight sheen.

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Miniature Paint Brush Set

MyArtscape Artist Supplies Miniature Paint Brushes, Set of 12 for Detail & Fine Point Painting - use with Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Gouache - for Pinstriping, Warhammer 40k, Models & Lettering White
I use these fine tipped paint brushes for all kinds of things in my studio. They hold their shape very well and with such a large variety I always have what I need at my fingertips.

Mijello Airtight Watercolor 18-Well Blue Palette

Mijello Airtight Watercolor 18-Well Blue Palette
This is the Watercolor Palette I use in my studio. I love that it has 18 wells so I can fill it with straight color or blends. There is also Lots and Lots of blending space in the tray and lid. My underglazes do dry out a bit but spritzing the wells with water brings then back to life!
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Hanging up my Potter’s Apron (for a while)

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Glazes vs underglazes

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