The craziest thing happened this August and one that I was not prepared for.

My studio was robbed

Who ever is prepared to be robbed, right?

So here’s the story….I am rarely in the studio on Saturdays but was thinking of starting to go in so that I could have play time during the week. One of the weird things about being retired is that weekends are no longer special, everyday is a Saturday. My retired friends, however like to do stuff during the week and I still have pottery I want to make so swapping a weekday for a Saturday made sense.

So this particular August Saturday I went to the studio to work on a commissioned necklace. Looking over my wire stock I decided I needed to order more since I have some gorgeous (hopefully) labradorite cabachon’s coming in. I sat at my desk, made my order, dragged out my credit cards to find the right card, and placed my order.

Next I needed to get more chain. So I am looking over the assortment online when Ben walks into the store and asked if I will go to Fort Smith with him to get an adapter he needed for his computer.

“Sure” I said, “Why not”.

Off we went.

While in Fort Smith I needed to stop at Michaels. I realized I had left all my credit cards on my desk. Ben had to pay for my purchases! We joked about it.

We were gone 1 1/2 hr’s. When I got back into the studio the first thing I went to do was gather up my credit cards on my desk.

But something did not seem right.

I did not leave that box on my desk, or the eye glass case on my chair. Where are my credit cards, where is my cash bag, where is my gun?

Yeap..someone slipped into the back door (did I leave it unlocked or did they pick the lock) and went through my desk. They took a few other odd things like my old, on its last leg, Essential oil diffuser, (leaving all my doTERRA oils alone) and my hand drum.

I think our quick return helped in not losing more. They (she) probably saw us come back and went out the back door as I came I came back in the front door.

It could have been worse, so much worse.

I could have been there when they came in and been harmed. Had it been any other Saturday they could have wiped me out and destroyed everything. Ben had parked his truck in front of the gallery window so they never went in there and all my finished goods, and his knives, were left alone.

It is my belief that I experienced a divine intervention, getting me out of the studio for that short of time. It may have been a universal wake up call, reminding me of all that I had since I have been experiencing some unsettling feelings of needing to move, to make a change, of needing some excitement.

The universe said “you asked for excitement, well here ya go”. Watch out for what you ask for.

Shaman DrumThe property I lost was not near as valuable as the sense of security I lost and the feeling of vulnerability I received. My sacred, happy space was violated. I was violated. Someone is walking around with some of my things, my energy.

I know I will never see that cash again. It’s probably spent by now. All my credit cards were canceled right away so no harm done there, just inconvenience. My gun is reported stolen.

But my drum is still out there. My healing drum and that is what I miss most. Because I used it in healing, shamanic and vibrational work there is Reiki Healing energy attached to it.

Does the thief feel it?

Does she understand what she has (I think it was a woman because Ben saw a woman walking across the vacant lot next door as he was leaving).

Will it help change her life?

I don’t believe in coincidences. She took that drum for a reason. It was not out in the open, a quick snatch and run. The drum was behind the closed door of my Reiki Room, hanging on the wall like a decoration. None of my other Healing things were taken. The drum was an odd thing to take. She closed the door to the room behind her, a polite and considerate thief.

The drum It isn’t something she could quickly sell. But yes, I am watching all the marketplaces.

There are cameras now in place in the studio watching everything. It’s what I needed to feel secure, I was obsessed with watching them at home but am slowly letting go of that fear. I am more cautious about locking up everything now, my car, my home. When a car pulls into my store I look suspiciously to see if I know them. Eventually I will stop doing that.

The sense of violation is fading slowly and my soul is healing but my trust has not yet returned.

There is good in all this. It snapped me out of a depression I was quickly fading into. It brought gratitude back into my heart for the charmed life I lead. At the same time I send love and forgiveness to this person who needed to take from someone else, who felt entitled to that which I worked so hard for.

Whoever took my stuff and my security may never be caught, but I learned some valuable lessons.

Never take for granted what you already have, for tomorrow it could be gone.

Trust but be watchful and diligent because not everyone can be trusted.

Watch what you wish for, my emotions about needing change and excitement where strong. I was given what I wanted.

Forgive those who do you wrong because holding fear and anger in your heart does not help anything.

Make sure valuable are locked up, including desktop screens.

And lastly, be grateful for everything in your life.

I am sure there are more lessons and I learn everyday.


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