Southeast Oklahoma where I live, is not known for its art community (there is none) so I was delighted when an event crossed my Facebook timeline about an upcoming Pottery Workshop being held in nearby Fort Smith AR. at the Creative Arts Network Coop Studio.

Better still was that it was being taught by mentor, teacher and friend (I hope) Peter Lippencott from Mudpuppy Studios. I studied under Peter for several years when his studio was in Fort Smith and I credit him with helping me to throw thinner. Peter had moved about a year ago and I thought it would be great fun to see him, and other friends, again.

Peter LippincottThis workshop was about making mugs. You all know I know how to make mugs but I really wanted to get out of my own studio and take a class.

The workshop came with perfect timing too. I was still having plumbing issues in the studio due to a burst pipe, and spent all the previous day watching my plumber unsuccessfully attempt to fix it. I was a nervous wreck Thursday afternoon as I watched him use a propane torch under my wooden floor trying to solder a copper fitting that just did not want to be soldered. Yes, my fire extinguisher and a bucket of clay water were sitting nearby. So by Friday morning I was ready to turn the task of the plumbing over to hubby Ben to watch while I got away for the afternoon.

The workshop had about 10 participants, most of them had never touched clay before. How the heck would he pull this off I wondered? But Peter is a laid back sort of fellow and he had us throwing a cylinder on the wheel and hand building a mug using a template and a slab. Most of the participants really got into the slab built one with carving designs and making and attaching a handle so the workshop was a success. They left their projects behind to be fired and glazed.

Hand building a mug was something I had never done and always wanted to try and that was great fun. Mine turned out really tall so I put a spout on it hoping to turn it into a pitcher. I never got to put a handle on but decided that, although it was fun to make, it wasn’t “keep worthy” so I brought both pieces back to my studio where I will be slacking them down and reclaiming. It’s a buff clay that I had never tried before and supposedly works great with a glaze I have that looks horrid on the porcelain clay I use.


Ben and the plumber got the plumbing fixed.

And my Electric Fireplace Insert came in that I have wanted for so long.

Yesterday was a great day.

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