About Dani Montoya – Yellow Cottage Studios.

Working at the Pottery StudioDani Montoya PotterMy name is Dani Montoya and I am the artist behind all the pieces you find on this website.
I love working in all kinds of different mediums but my main focus is pottery, torch fired enamel and wire weaving jewelry.

It is in my blood….. I am a “creative”.

Ever since I can remember my heart and my hands have made things.  Gourds, Pine needles, wood, all became artistic mediums under my hands. I would carve, weave, paint and wood-burn them, turning them into something that I thought was beautiful.

A paintbrush and canvas were never something I could conquer, although I did try, yet I continued to express myself in mediums more inspired by nature.

Clay, Copper, Colors are now the materials that I find most inspiring to work with. The world around me, flowers, trees, birds, sunrises is where I gather my inspiration for my artistic pottery and my torch-fired enamel jewelry.

Emily, Max and Me

Emily, Max and Me

I also spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram where not only do I share my latest pieces, but I also talk about fun studio things, like screw-ups, cat shenanigans, and motivational quotes.



Thank you for being here with me on my journey..

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5 Star Review Etsy

Beautifully crafted, well packaged, and arrived on time. And it’s exactly the color I was hoping for! 10/10!


Chelsea via Etsy

5 Star Review Etsy
Beautiful mug with exceptional hand-carved design. It shipped the same day. I love this artist’s pottery and now have a collection of her work.


Vicky via Etsy

5 Star Review Etsy
This is the second set of snack sets I have ordered from Yellow Cottage. This set is just a hair smaller so both the plate and cup nest in the other one perfectly! I use these all the time! Perfect for single people. I will have a chicken breast, and potato salad on the plate and melon in the cup. Or a HOST of other ways to use it. Sometimes just a sandwich (or salad) and cup of grapes; or sandwich and soup. I LOVE these things!

Jil via Etsy

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