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Working at the Pottery StudioDani Montoya PotterMy name is Dani Montoya and I am the potter behind all the pottery you find on this website.

I love to make affordable things that will add a little bit of beauty to your home.

My husband and I always knew that when we got to retirement age we would pursue our artistic sides and that is exactly what we are doing!  Every morning I go to my pottery studio, which is just a few miles away and Ben goes into his woodworking workshop, where he cuts, grinds, saws, heat treats and make knives and wooden things  Cavanal Woodworks.

Ever since I did my first Paint-by-Number as a kid (I think it was kittens), I have been hooked on “making”. I made everything, from my own clothes to Christmas presents. As my kids were growing I decorated fun birthday cakes, I had sketchbooks all over the house. I took art lessons. I photographed everything.

It is in my blood….. I am a “creative”.

Today I am a full-time potter working in a much larger studio which has allowed me to spread my artistic wings and create all day long. The studio is my favorite place to be and I share it with Emily and Max, my studio cats.

Emily, Max and Me

Emily, Max and Me

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn more about me and my work! If you want to be the first to know about new listings be sure to favorite my Etsy shop. Yellow Cottage Pottery

I also spend a lot of time on Facebook where not only do I share my latest pieces but I also talk about fun studio things, like screw-ups, cat shenanigans, and motivational quotes .

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PHONE NUMBER – 918-413-2820
1211 N. Broadway Ave
Poteau OK 74953


I am usually in the studio during these hours but don’t hold me to them. If in doubt call first!
Monday- 11:00am.-4:00pm
Tuesday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm

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1211 N. Broadway
Poteau OK 74953

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