With the holidays quickly approaching i thought it would be fun to put together a blog post of some cool stuff your favorite potter might like. All of these products will make great gifts for a potter. I have personally bought for myself and have loved so i know they will work well for other potters.

Just so you know – This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

Potters Apron

Lets start this off with this super cool apron.

A few Years ago my grand-kids gave me this Apron as a gift and I was delighted.  I think its really meant for welding, since its fire resistant.  I have no intention of jumping into a hot flame (hum, maybe a raku potter might) and didn’t really like all those extra chemicals but thank goodness I get lots of clay on mine and washed it often because all that nasty chemical is gone.

What I look for in a Potters Apron is the split legs for wheel throwing and pretty heavy material because I personally wipe my clay ridden hands all over it.

This Link will take you to an Amazon page with a bunch of choices for Potter Split Leg Aprons. If your potter works on a potters wheel, the split leg becomes quite handy since we straddle the wheel.


Headset Soundbuds Rise

I just bought these Soundbuds Rise ear buds for myself a few days ago and REALLY LOVE THEM.   If your potter works in a community setting these sweet earbud headphones might just be the ticket for listening to music, podcasts or answering and talking on the phone.  There are two really cool things about these ear buds that make it great for studio work.

They connect via Bluetooth to your phone. It was super simple and the paired really quickly and easily.
They have the neckband which is very lightweight and keeps the ear buds handy.

When I first started looking at Wireless Earbuds I wondered why ANYONE would want the Neckband thing.  But after thinking about it I thought it was a perfect solution. The neckband keeps the earbuds nearby and clay soaked hands can easily pull them out of the ear.  If a phone call comes in there is a button on the neckband to answer it and all volume controls are on the neckband as well. The sound is clear and I can listen to tunes from my phone  while I work. Without the neckband I am pretty sure the ear buds would eventually end up in the nasty clay water or really really dirty!


VacMaster HEPA Vacuum

One of the bad parts of pottery is that Clay dust is comprised mostly of silica and breathing in Silica can be very harmful to your health. It is suggested that studio floors be damp mopped vs sweeping because sweeping kicks that dust into the air where is lingers for quite a long time. Damp mopping is fine for the majority of your floors but what about those corners, cracks, and crevices where the fine dust can settle into, That was definitely my concern when I started to look for a shop vacuum that wouldn’t kick dust back into my face like most standard ones do.

I found this VacMaster Hepa Vacuum on Amazon and it seems to work pretty dang well for cleaning. Now I am not promising that this unit is the best for a pottery studio but for the money I think it helps a lot.  Its really powerful with a 2 stage motor and it has an 8 gallon bag so it can hold a lot of dust. They claim the HEPA system is 99.97% efficient on .3 microns particles. I use it after I damp mop (and it dries) to make sure I got all the dust I can and I use it to clean away the bigger pieces that might become crushed and eventually become dust. As a precaution, I also wear my Respirator and leave the studio immediately.

And speaking of Respirators….


​Elipse P100 Dust Half Mask Respirator with replaceable and reusable filters

Respirators are a must in the pottery.  They not only protect you from Clay Dust as discussed above but if your potter makes their own glazes they need protection from the toxic chemicals that we use. Its not enough to just use a painters mask. The respirator should be rated P100 and this sweet, comfortable fitting respirator fits the bill. Its half size and the head and neck bands are adjustable for a secure and tight fit. The cartridges are replaceable. This respirator fits so nice my glasses don’t fog up and I sometimes forget I have it on.



Amaco Velvet Underglazes – Set of 12 – 2 ounces

Underglazes is what I use to paint all my flowers and designs in my pots and Amaco Velvets are by far my favorite!!  These colorful underglaze glazes are easily blendable to make up your own colors. I personally use them on raw clay but they can be used on bisqueware too and most stay true to color up to cone 6. (I do have trouble with the greens though, they tend to turn brown) . These sample sets are the perfect way for your potter to start playing around with Underglazes. Each jar contains two ounces of underglaze, enough to really do some experimenting. Its how I started!!



Giffin Grip

Giffin Grips makes trimming  whole lot easier by securely recentering the leather hard piece back on the wheel so you can trim the foot without sticking globs of clay down to hold the piece in place. I love mine for those tall, unmanageable vases.




Photo Soft Box light kit

If your potter plans to sell on-line, photographing their work becomes paramount to their success.

Pottery is a funny puppy with it curvaceous shapes and its glossy surface.   I looked for some way to better light my pieces without glares and flares and chose to purchase a Soft Box lighting kit.

I decided on this one and its on its way to me now so I can’t really review it. But for the money I thought it was the best band for my buck. I chose it for the 4 light bulbs per soft box feature which you can switch off two of them for a bit less light. The overhead Boom light was why I was looking to begin with. I needed a light to come straight down in hopes of lighting up the piece without casting shadows. I love that each soft box has two diffuser covers. All the bulbs are included as well. I chose this one because the soft boxes are small and I have a small space.

There are a lot of choices in Soft Box Photography Kits  so read them over and see which one you think will work best for your potter

I hope these 7 items give you some ideas for gifts for your favorite potter. I tried to find things that may not be all that common or they might not know they really needed!! If you are a potter, Feel free to share with your beloved as a hint!!!  And do let me know what Great Gift you have received that you loved (or didn’t love, I won’t tell)

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