As a young girl I loved horses, what young girl doesn’t. I rode all the time at the local stables and got pretty good at it.

Then life happens and horses take a back seat to boys, school, work, boys (oh I mentioned that already, didn’t I).

I know for many young ladies horses remained on the top rung of their life ladder but my family did not have acreage so owning my very own steed was not something that ever happened.

Now here I am, in the beginning of the Autumn years of my life. My life is charmed, I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful dogs, a small house that takes nothing to keep it clean, a pottery studio and the time to make pottery.

So why oh why did I decide to take up horseback riding again?

And the answer of course is…

because I could.

My new friend Rebecca has two beautiful horses and also loves making pottery. How’s that for a friendship made in heaven. The problem was that Rebecca’s doesn’t like to ride alone anymore. She’s a tad younger than me so I get that. So I step in, waving my hands madly shouting “I’ll go riding with you”.

And we have, every Sunday morning for the last month we would ride for several miles in the Ouachita National Park. Strolling, looking at the pretty greenery, just my style.

But today was different. Today there are tons of hunters in the Ouachita’s, hunters with guns. It’s deer season. So we decided that today would be a good day for some ground work and riding lessons, to build my confidence and get Charlie, a beautiful red horse, used to me.

Charlie was a little frisky this morning, maybe it was the cold, but we worked together making figure 8’s, stopping when I wanted him too, going where I wanted him to go.

I was getting it and oh so proud.

With my chest puffed out in pride I ventured into the pasture where we would have more room. Now the pasture is where Charlie lives, so he thinks he is home and would prefer grazing and doing his own thing but he had to this pesky old woman on his back. As we rounded a tree a loud gun went off, Charlie spooked, I spooked, Charlie spun around really quick and I fell off his back.




Nothing broke, at least I don’t think anything did. But boy oh boy do I hurt. I think I pulled a groin muscle. It hurts to walk, it hurts a lot. I took an epson salt bath, with Lavender, and Lemongrass essential oils, took a pain pill and sat my aching butt down in my chair with nothing to do but blog!

They say you have to get back on the saddle and ride the horse that threw you. I will be getting back on, in a couple of weeks. Until then though, I don’t think I will even attempt to go to Zumba.