Here it is Dec 26 2016. Its the Monday after the Christmas weekend. All the presents are opened,  gifts exchanged, food overeaten.

I spent yesterday thinking about all the pottery and gourd pieces that someone opened and saw for the very first time yesterday.  Oh, I wish I had some way to spy into every one their living rooms so I could see what they said and experience what they felt when they opened their gift.

Nothing does an artists heart so much good as someone LOVING something we so paintakingly made.

Life for handmade seller has slowed down. It is a great time to reflect on the past year.

I got to tell you guys, 2016 was an amazing year.

Inside my gallery, there is not much left

Not a whole lot left in my gallery. In face that big gourd in the back sold just after I took this picture

First off, and the most important thing is that both Ben and I had great health all year long. We are both in our 60’s and we are feeling our age (especially Ben who seems to think he should still have the strength of a 20 year old Ben) but we are wonderfully healthy.  YEAH.

Social Painting Party

Check the Calendar for the next social Painting Party. They are fun!

Last year at this time I was not happy. I was running my artisan gallery, which I thought would really fulfill a need within me but it actually did just the opposite. Without going into it too much detail, the gallery actually took away some of my creative spirit and was suffocating me. I wanted to make my pottery but that had to be saved for weekends when I was home. I started envisioning what it was I really wanted and it was to have a beautiful studio with lots of room for all my equipment (my small studio at my house was too crowded and pretty uncomfortable). This building had to have enough space for classes, a place for my own personal gallery and lots of room so I could make lots of pottery!  Oh, and it had to have a Reiki room as well.

I dreamed of this studio, I talked about this studio. I checked into metal buildings and even looked at some property.  Then one day, as I was driving, I saw a building that I had seen over and over in the 4 years I have lived in this town, but this time I saw it differently…. and  saw the For Sale sign.

Below is a picture of what my studio looked like when we bought it. The roof leaked, the outside wood was rotted. It was painted hideously and the building was in a pretty sad state of neglect….

Yellow Cottage Studios - Before

This is what the Studio looked like when we bought it!



But we saw through all of that. Ben worked hard to fix the outside. We had the roof redone, had a new A/C Unit put in and painted the whole place. On the inside Ben had to build me cabinets and put in sinks. The bathroom floor has sunk and he had to pull it up, jack it up and secure it all.

Today I have a studio I am proud of!

Look at it today


Yellow Cottage Studios-now

Look at the studio now!

Everyday now I am thrilled I could go to my beautiful studio, my second home. It is here that I have made pottery, taught people how to throw on the potters wheel, held social painting parties and saw friendships emerge. It is within these walls that I held Reiki Classes and gave Reiki Treatments.

And it is within these wall that I found my place in the world.

This studio (and my dear sweet Ben)  has allowed me to be who I have always needed to be, an Artist.

2016 will always be an amazing year for me. I am excited to see what 2017 has in store!