My trial run of whether I could do this diet was a great success and I look forward to enjoying it more when I return from Utah. It was my hope that I would last a little longer before I carb indulged but I never even made it out of Fort Smith Ar, the first leg of my journey!

The Fort Smith airport is one of thos wonderful tiny airports with comfortable living room seats and very little hustle and bustle, it’s close to home and even though it costs a tad more than flying out of Tulsa, it’s worth being relaxed on the first run.

The weather was horrid in the morning but our fight was at 2:30 pm so we piddled around at home and leisurely made our way there. Expecting to have a rather long layover in Dallas I packed nothing but Kale Chips.

Note to self- Kale chips smell aweful in a baggy in a back pack.

We are told at the ticket counter that the plane was delayed a bit but not enough to miss connections. That’s cool. So we found some comfortable chairs and sat.

And sat

And sat

And sat

Checking the American Airlines online flight status our flight was still on time but now it was a half hour late.

And we waited.

Flight to UtahFort Smith is so small that it doesn’t have planes of its own, so the plane we were waiting for was coming in from Dallas. Word came in that our plane was finally leaving Dallas to come get us. Opps. Not looking good.

By now I should have been in Dallas picking out a restaurant. My breakfast was two hard boiled eggs but that was long gone. My head was beginning to pound and I was getting grumpy. The only restaurant in this airport was outside of the security area and they only open that when they had too, and all passengers were already checked in. Off to the machines I went.

First on my list was water. I didn’t have any $1.00 bills so I threw a $5 spot in there to pay for a $2 bottle of Dasani. The machine gave me my water and then started chachinging like I hit pay dirt at the casino. My lucky day, I thought! But what I got was $3 in dimes! Great. So I tried to use the dimes in the food machine and it wouldn’t take dimes and it wouldn’t take $5 bills so I was basically screwed.

Fortunately the lovely lady in the chair next to me heard my sad story and worked for a peanut company and had Peanut/oat type bar which I ate.

Eventually our plane arrives and whisked us to Dallas. Our next flight still showed on time at 5:10 and we weren’t going to hit the terminal until 5.

The Airline app now showed us rescheduled to the next flight leaving at 7:30 pm. Thank you American Airlines.

I thought of a lovely dinner at one of the top notch restaurants at the Dallas Airport. I knew that I would be throwing my diet off kilter but hey what the heck, I was on vacation and I deserved a reward for not blowing up and ranting and swearing and all kinds of nasty things I really wanted to do!

As I hit the terminal I happened to glance at the board and our original flight was delayed…. with just enough time for us to get to it, if we moved fast. So we did. We hoofed it. We speed walked. We got there just in the nick of time!

Back on track and still hungry as hell. My choice for dinner on board the plane? Pretzels or cookies. Since I had pretzels on the first flight I opted for cookies on this flight.

By the time I got into SLC my head was swimming.

My dear sweet daughter in law had a huge pot of Tortilla Soup waiting for us which I drowned in Tortilla Chips. I was beyond hope at that point.

And ya know what happened? I felt awful, bloated and guilty!

So maybe my mindset is being changed, we shall see. We have vacation, bbq’s eating out and pizza yet to contend with!