I spend many hours alone in my studio doing what I am passionate about, creating art. Usually it’s just me and my studio cats.

The studio section of the building is raised wood flooring, making it a perfect place for a family (or 5) of Feral cats to make it a home. When we (and by we, I mean my husband) had to replace to sunken bathroom floor I asked him to leave an open space so the cats would have a warm place to come into the studio and chow down on food I provide them.

Studio Cat Jerry Jack

Jerry Jack is helping me get ready for a show!

The first cats to move in were Tom and Jerry Jack. Jerry was a bit skeptical of me but Tom took a quick likening to me, and talked, cuddled and was a real sweet. So the first thing I did, being a good Feral cat owner, was swept him into a carrier and trotted off to neuter land. Needless to say, Tom was no longer a happy kitty and he packed his bags and left, to procreate no more.

Jerry and Clea

Jerry Jack and Ms Clea. He loves her even if she is carrying someone elses kittens

Jerry Jack stuck it out with me and is now insistent on daily ear scratching and belly rubbing. Although he still won’t let me pick him up, a milestone occurred the other day when he actually jumped in my lap.

It always seemed like it would be cool to have studio cats and apparently I put that out to the universe when I was using the Law of Attraction to manifest the perfect studio because I got a bunch of cats with the purchase of the building!

Then along came Clea.

Shy little Miss Clea is soon to be a mom, I think! She hangs around and watches me like a hawk. I have petted her but only when there is something in it for her, like chicken deli meat! Other than that, she bats at my outstretched hand, with claws out.

Every once in a while, I peek into the bathroom where I keep their feed and there are three to four other kitties who are identical to Miss Clea. Hum? And the other day one very pregnant look alike came in.

Jerry has been neutered so I have yet to figure out who daddy is.

But all be told, I love the studio kitties and glad they come and hang out with me. But the skunk that also lives under the studio, well that guy has to move!
Tom the studio cat