”Can your pottery be used in the oven?”

I  usually get asked if my pottery can be used in the oven at least once during shows and occasionally all through the year. The answer I always give is “I don’t know, never tried!”

Well, I decided to find out today by using my pottery in the oven!

Let me start out by saying I am not someone who does a whole lot of cooking in the oven. Many of my meals are done on the stovetop and occasionally in the microwave but I rarely find a need to fire the oven up. During one of my experimental days, I made a small handled casserole type dish. It came out nice but then I got to thinking what someone would do with it and I just knew that the logical use would be to use it in the oven. So I had better test it!

I had seen a post about cooking bread in pottery and I love bread so I thought I would give it a try. I made a small batch because my casserole isn’t all that big.Getting ready to make bread

Bread making is something I could always do. Since this was a small batch I thought I would use my Ninja Blender with the dough knife. This turned out to not be a good choice to make dough. In fact, I really haven’t found anything the Ninja is good for, I bought it for smoothie making and it was ok for that but nothing else I tried in it really worked well. So, if you ever read this, Ninja makers, what is the purpose of using a square container for a blender? Don’t you know stuff gets piled up in the corners? And dough making in it sucks.

But I persevered and a loaf was made, it wasn’t pretty but I ate it, with help from Ben, before I remembered to photograph it.fresh out of the oven

So I thought I would try it again. This time I used my Kitchen Aid to mix and knead.

preparing bread dough to riseThis loaf didn’t rise as much as the first one, and I learned from the first one to make sure I really oil the casserole but it worked, my pottery held up, and now I can safely say


But not on the stovetop. Stoneware pottery should NEVER be used on the stove top. Even though my photo shows to be on the stovetop it’s cooling, not cooking!

I don’t recommend going straight from a freezer to a hot oven either.

Can all pottery be placed in the Oven? Not all pottery can or should be used in the oven.  Clay that is Mid-fired or High-fired can probably be safely used in the oven however if you are in doubt, ask the potter. Not all glazes are food stable either. You want to make sure that the glazes used where the piece touches food is stable enough to not leach chemicals into your food. The potter should know.