Have you always wanted to try your hand at working in clay?

Doesn’t it look like fun to throw on the potters wheel? Maybe you tried it before and really enjoyed it!

Well here is your chance.

I have several wheels in my studio and can sit down with you and work one on one to learn the basic skills of Wedging, centering and making a cylinder. When you learn those three skills you can make just about anything. I don’t do regularly scheduled classes with a bunch of people. If you want to try your hand at it we will schedule a two hour time slot during my regular studio time.

2 hour class – $30.00 .
 This is a perfect opportunity to try out thpotters wheel.
Materials: Clay:  I provide clay for you to use. My clay is Stoneware Porcelain and Stoneware Buff. If you are new to pottery I suggest using the buff. Clay is reclaimable until it is fired. Practice all you want with studio clay. If it can be reclaimed there is no additional charge. Once fired it is yours. Glaze fired pieces are charged at $1.75 a pound, Bisque fired pieces are $1.50 per pound. (Porcelain clay may be higher).  If your piece is damaged  for any reason you will still be required to pay for it. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items.

This is my potters wheel and where I throw.

Glazes: You have access to all my glazes. I have many beautiful commercial low fire glazes as well as low fire clay for you to create to your hearts content. If you prefer a mid range clay, I generally have porcelain and buff available and a limited palate of glazes. Tools: All my equipment is at your disposal, from trimming tools to the slab roller. I have a large assortment of textures and stamps, carving tools, slump and hump molds, rolling pins, trimming tools etc. Please come prepared with a Pottery Tool Kit, available at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or online at Amazon. A kit like this is recommended

Some of the basic things we can work on are:

  • Centering clay on the potters wheel
  • Opening clay and throwing the basic cylinder, which is the start of many forms
  • Pulling and attaching handles for mugs
  • Throwing bowls and other forms
  • Trimming the bottoms for a more polished appearance
  • Glazing

If you are a beginner… Certain pottery skills need to be learned before moving to more advanced shapes. Pottery is a process that requires patience and practice. You will most likely finish the class with one or two beautiful pieces that you can be proud of If you are more advanced… we can work together at whatever level you need. Other Important things

  • Cleaning up your wheel and work station is required after class ends. You do not have to use part of the two hours to do that.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing (it’s messy), trim your fingernails, tie back long hair and remove rings, bracelets and watches. A towel is recommended.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that when you tell me you will be coming at a certain time I will SAVE YOU A WHEEL.  There is no refund for missed classes.


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