Oh my, it was quite the whirlwind week and it sure did tucker me out!! I am not sure what got me so darn tired but it may have been cleaning and cutting 12 gourds for this weeks drum class!  Yes, I have a full class this coming Tuesday and I am so excited that so many people are interested in making drums. It is a good thing the college decided to stop at 12 because that was all the gourds I had.  My gourd shelves are just about empty now!

Firing the Kiln:

I was able to fire the kiln. (remembering my goal to fire once a week) This was a glaze fire and it was all the jewelry bowls I had made the week before.  They came out wonderful. One of the best firings yet!!

Jewelry Bowl

Stoneware Jewelry Bowl

I have finally decided that using a spray gun to apply glaze is my favorite way of doing it. Below is the gun I am using. It is made by Sharpe and the tip is a 1.4mm which is pretty good sized tip. The glaze is gravity fed into the gun which is pretty lightweight so I don’t get as tired as when I tried this with a big spray gun.  It is also adjustable and you can change the shape of the spray pattern. The cup holds 125cc which is about 4 ounces.  You can buy one here.

Spray gun for applying glaze to pottery

Spray gun for applying glaze

The base coat gets sprayed on first and then I use a second glaze around rims. The reason this appeals to me so much is that it creates a very lovely, soft blending of the glazes.  When I opened the kiln it almost looked like gems; glimmery and gorgeous.

As you can see, I made my own spray booth from a cardboard box and I use a banding wheel to turn the piece as I am spraying. I do pick it up when spraying the inside though.

Spraying Glaze
Spraying glaze on pottery



My spray gun for spraying glaze


Learning something New:

Another fun discovery I made this week was “Craftsy.Com“.  This website is devoted to teaching new crafts using HD Videos that are hours longs!! Their instructors are experts in their field and they provide tons of information.  I signed up two classes. The first one “Micro Torch Basics” is a mini freebie. A micro torch is a small butane soldering thingy and this mini Freebie is on using one for soldering and making jewelry, another one of my artsy loves. The other class I signed up for is for the  Garden Fresh: Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs. Now, I am not going to add up all the hours in this class but I do believe it is over 5 hours of HD Video instruction. Since I am going to start my own organic garden next spring it is appropriate for me to learn to garden now, don’t you think?

Oh, By the way, this class, and lots of the Craftsy Classes are on sale this week so check them out now and save some money. The gardening class only cost me $15.oo. A gardening book would have cost me more.


 Gourd Classes:

Speaking of learning….  my gourd art classes are filling up fast but I do believe there are still some seats left. If you want to go please register right away. You can let me know you want to go and I will make sure your name gets on the list or you can register with the college.


  • Fall Leaves Bowl – October 22 & 24  2013 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Christmas Ornaments – November 19 & 21  2013 6:00pm to 8:00pm


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