I have been so busy lately that I have not had the opportunity to share with you what I have been up too.

My time has been mostly focused on Gourds since I have these 5 classes coming up.

I needed to write up the Drum Class Tutorial so I made another drum.  By the time I got to putting the goat skin head on I was so engrossed with what I was doing that I forgot to photograph doing it!!  So now I need to make another drum. Oh Shucks.  (Big Grin..)

Lion Head Gourd Drum

My next project was working out the class for October on making a bowl with Fall Leaves. This is one of my favorite things to make and paint because I love the fall colors. I have not worked out the class yet but instead I came up with this gourd bowl. The gourd was a really odd shape and has been with me for years but It was perfect for cutting out these maple leaves so that they looked like they were folding outward.

Maple Leaves Bowl

When I wasn’t working on gourds I was playing in Clay

On the pottery side of my studio I went on a Coffee Mug making binge!! I love big coffee mugs, ones that will hold all the coffee my Kuerig spits out at me. Since clay shrinks,  I have to throw them pretty big, but I have it all down now!!

Coffee Mugs in StonewareI played around this time with putting sayings on the mugs and I really like the way they came out. I also played with different handles. I do PLAY IN CLAY!

Also I had an order for some Expresso cups. These tiny little cups took me a long time to get the size right at about 2 oz. (remember clay shrinks so I have to make them way bigger than they would eventually be).  The cups were pretty easy but the saucers kept kicking my butt. I finally got them made only to break two of them after bisqueing. Naturally the hardest thing for me to make consistently is the thing I break the most!

Expresso Cups and Saucers


And my Very Favorite Thing…

Was a mixture of both pottery and gourds. I took a super gigantic gourd leaf and made a bowl!  It was so much fun.  There is a huge flaw in it though that will keep me from being able to sell it but that is GREAT because that means it now BELONGS TO ME!!


So that is what I have been making in the Yellow Cottage Studio.

What have you been up too?

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