Last night was the twice yearly “Make Up” Painting Party.

No we did not face paint each other!!!

During a  Make Up Party each painter gets to choose whatever painting they want, from previous parties, and paint it.  These evenings are looked forward to since there is always a painting or two someone was not available to paint during the original party but really wanted to do.

We had a full house and several of the painters choose the same painting so that was good, because they could help each other.

Make Up parties are a whole lot different than regular painting parties because I can not direct and instruct them. The paintings all come with instructions so instead of me barking out instructions they read and follow them, well most of them do anyway!

Some followed the instructions to the letter while others strayed a bit choosing their own colors.

Here are some photos from last nights painting party. As you can see the evening is full of color. It’s also full of laughter, talking, making friends, and just having a plain old good time.

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