Today is January 24th 2017.

That is an important date for me because today I will be firing my first glaze load of 2017. The reason I even care is because now I know how long it takes me to complete an entire kiln load of stuff!

So I thought I would show you my pottery process.

It takes roughly 3 weeks from making it to baking it. Pottery is not one of those quick turn around type art forms.

I start each product with a set amount of clay. These balls are going to be Yarn Bowls.  Once I start on making a particular product I usually make a bunch.
This is my pottery wheel before I start throwing. It doesn’t stay clean for long. Clea the kitty is a feral cat that hangs out in my studio. She won’t stay there once I sit down to start working.

Clean Potters wheelThese yarn bowls are freshly thrown. I let them sit and dry a bit overnight so they can be handled. It is then I cut the swoop and trim the bottom foot ring.

Once the pots are bone dry they are bisque fired. For this batch I used my big kiln because I had a lot of things to fire.  This firing takes 6-7 hours and goes up to about 1900 degrees. This makes the pots glass but still porous which needs to happen so that the liquid glaze will stick.

loading the kilnAh…… freshly bisqued pots!!! Looks like I got about 50 items in the kiln.  These are all now ready for glazing.

Which leads me to today!!!!!  Here is my kiln loaded with freshly glazed pots.  Todays firing will take about 10 hours. I fire to Cone 6 which is about 2300 degrees. It will take a full 24 hours for this kiln to cool down during which there is NO PEEKING.  That’s the hardest part!!