Here it is, only the middle of January and I am ready for Spring!!

Ducks Walking on WaterMy hometown was in the path of that very cold weather pattern so we got blasted with ice and snow and just all around miserable weather. I am blessed that my studio is only a few steps away from my house and takes all of 3 seconds to get there but when the door is frozen shut, like it was one day, it takes a little longer to get in!!

I actually had taken some photos of the amazing ice-scapes that formed around our place but as usual I can’t find them. I am so organized in so many places until it comes to photos and I can never find them on my PC or my cameras. But truth be told, I have a small pocket camera, a larger Digital Camera, my phone which shots in HD and my tablet. I take a picture with whatever I happen to have on hand.

If you look closely at the picture to the right you can see that my ducks are walking on water! Aren’t they special! Yes, our pond froze solid.

But through this cold snap I continued to work. I even managed to glaze a load of pottery even though the water in my studio was frozen. I had the foresight to fill up two large buckets with clear water before the freeze came in… just in case. It was a bit difficult to work with but it got the job done!!

Currently I am working on gourds. I had 5 projects going at one time. This week I finished off three so I have two more to complete. One was the class project for the spring semester at Carl Albert State College here in Poteau.

Upcoming Gourd Art classes:

Dreamcatcher Vase – February 12
Gourd Bowl with Hong Kong Grass Weave and Feathers – March 12
Gourd Mask– April 16
Gourd Bird Feeder- May 14
HongKong Weave GourdRegistration is a must- Call 918-647-1278 to reserve your space. Class size is limited.

The gourd featured to the left is the March Class
. You can get more information on my classes here. I am also working on a gourd mask as another class project.