Who doesn’t know what a Water Butter Crock is?  Raise your hand!

OK I see there are quite a few of you who don’t know what a Water Butter Crock is but I am surprised in the few of you who do know (You know who you are!)

I came across the Water Butter Crock (AKA Butter Keeper) when someone came into my shop and asked if I had any.

“What are they?” I asked. After she explained I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to have especially now that everyone is trying to go more natural and ditching the margarine.

Butter Keeper

I have changed the design a bit since I made this one.

A Water Butter Crock is a two piece clay crock. Softened butter goes in the lid (yes, the lid) and a bit of water goes in the bottom and when assembled together the water creates an air seal keeping the butter fresh while allowing it to sit on your counter where it stays soft and spreadable.

Personally, I think every house hold should have one!

A couple other advantages are since there are two layers of pottery and a layer of water the butter is nicely insulated keeping it a bit cooler than the outside air.

If you got a counter prowling cat, this keeps them from dining on the butter.

And who knows what is floating around our air that might just adhere to the sticky butter… but not if it is sealed!!

I put together this video on how to use the Water Butter Crock.