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Being a potter has its moments. It’s not always zen-like with pretty colors and Patrick Swayze has never visited. There are just as many disasters as there are successes. I hope to share the process!

Glaze exploration

January starts my exploration of pottery glazes. Up to now, glazing has been my least favorite thing to do in the studio. Apparently I am not alone in this! I belong to a Facebook Group of Potters and someone asked if everyone hated glazing as...

Pottery in the oven.

”Can your pottery be used in the oven?” I  usually get asked if my pottery can be used in the oven at least once during shows and occasionally all through the year. The answer I always give is “I don’t know, never tried!” Well, I decided to find out today by using my...

My new pottery kiln! Watch out World!

Last year in January I made myself a goal to make enough at Yellow Cottage Studios to be able to buy myself a brand new programmable pottery kiln. Making goals are an amazing thing to strive to and I kept this goal in the back of my mind every time I was in the studio...

In summary, 2017…in the studio

As December ticks by, while most everyone is out decorating for the holiday, baking sweet yummies and buying gifts, I have been reflecting on the past year as well as where I hope to go in the new year. It seems the older I less I have to stress over Christmas. At...

Leaving on a jet plane…. and then doing some driving!

Today is my last day in my studio for three weeks! i am going on a vacation. I am going on an adventure. I am going to a Reiki Retreat, then I am driving to Southern California to visit family and friends. Then it's onward to Central California to attend the wedding...


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