Thank you for your interest in my art. I have tried to make it easy to see exactly what you are looking for by creating various albums.  There is a link to either view all the photos or watch them as a slide show.

These items are already in their forever home. I have them here so you can see what they are and the various colors I can make things in.

The ones I currently have available will be listed in my Pottery Storefront.  If you are interested in a custom piece or if you would like to have my pieces in your gallery please do contact me.

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Butter Crocks

Water butter crocks are the new modern way to store your real butter on the counter where it can stay soft and spreadable. Yes, you can start using butter again without it tearing up your bread, the secret is water! The softened butter is packed into the lid, while some water is added to the basin. When the lid is placed on the bottom jar the water effectively seals the butter from air, which is the reason butter goes rancid. Not only does it protect your butter from air, but also from air borne critters and counter hunting kitties. The lid also serves as the perfect serving dish as well. Dishwasher and food safe. Read more
Butter Keeper - Sienna Brown with black rim

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Yarn Bowls

Yarn Bowls are perfect accessories for the avid knitter or crocheter. These pretty bowls can hold one large ball of yarn which is fed through the swoop cut out!! No more chasing the ball over the floor or finding it in your dogs mouth or cat's claws. View available Yarn Bowls at

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Jewelry Bowls

Jewelry Bowls hold all your pretty treasures! Hang you earrings around the rim using the holes and toss all your other things into the bowl. They are pretty as well as functional

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I love making Functional Pottery, pieces that are colorful, fun and useful!!
Coffee Mugs in Sienna and Red