Welcome to Yellow Cottage Studios, Pottery Studio and Gallery in Poteau OK

Yellow Cottage Studios is the playground for me, Potter and artist  Dani Montoya. It is located on the main drag in a small town in Southeastern Oklahoma.

“Art” takes on many forms and it is whatever creative avenue that leads you. Perhaps it’s not drawing or painting or pottery, but maybe it’s found in cooking, or sewing, or scrapbooking. Whatever your joy is, is your “Art”. Indulge yourself and dust everyday life off!

Pottery is my #1 passion and the one thing I love doing more that all the others.

I love throwing on the potter’s wheel. Taking a lump of wet clay and transforming it between my hands is very fulfilling. My purpose is to make functional pieces that can be used and enjoyed by everyone. Currently, I am experimenting with bright colors, beautiful, crazy color combinations, and Sgraffito.
You are welcome to stop in and watch!

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Painting Party

Every three weeks I hold a PAINTING PARTY!  What is a Painting Party? It a fun, friend making, laughter filled evening when every one paints the picture of the night.  h I walk you through the painting step by step. EVERYONE CAN PAINT!!    

Yellow Cottage Studios

1211 N Broadway
Poteau OK 74953

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